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Insight Into Self-organisation

Semco Style Organisation Selfie

The Semco Style Institute has developed a powerful tool known as the Semco Style Organisation Selfie – it is a scan of your organisation, based upon the Semco Style framework, that gauges your readiness for self-organisation. The tool gives individuals, teams and their organisation an insight into their degree of maturity in terms of self-organisation. It identifies aspects where there is room for improvement and gives employees a shared language, and the necessary understanding, to kickstart change.

How does The Organisation Selfie work?

The Organisation Selfie is a statistically validated tool that enables teams to shape their development process independently. The tool consists of a questionnaire, with 45 carefully composed questions, in the multiple choice format. The questions are derived from the Semco Style framework of 5 principles and 15 pillars. 


  • Each participant receives a unique invitation to complete the Organisation Selfie questionnaire within a designated time frame.
  • A work session is then organised with a Semco Style Expert to discuss the results, reports, and to plan next steps with teams.​
  • All participants receive an Individual report of their personal view of the team and practical tips on where they can improve.  ​
  • The Team report summarises the individual views and triggers discussions for team improvement. 
  • The Organisational report pulls all results together to compare and track progress between teams over a period of time.

Not quite sure yet if this is for you?

Take a sample of the Organisation Selfie, which we call Quickscan

It is self-managed, only consists of 15 questions, and would only take you around 10 minutes to go through.

The Quickscan is focused on your individual answers and is aimed at giving you a feel for how the Organisation Selfie works and the type of report that it generates.​

After completion, you immediately receive a personalised report based on your answers. It contains practical tips and advice on how you can become more people-oriented, agile and to improve the way you work.

Who is it recommended for?

We recommend the Organisation Selfie to teams and organisations who aim to create a better working environment for everyone. It is a powerful tool that allows teams to unbiasedly look into how people work individually and as a team, and sets the organisation up to taking the initial steps into long-term improvements.

Interested in learning more?

Do you want to investigate more into how the Organisation Selfie can help your company become more self-organised? Fill in the form on this page to request a commitment-free discovery call. We will contact you within one working day.