E-Book: Leading Remote Teams In the Post-Covid Organisations

I’m an organisational design specialist and have helped countless leaders optimise their teams and businesses. Ask me anything, I’m here to help.

We have a lot of free literature, check out the inspirations tab in the menu to see for yourself. But I know how impactful a live solutions workshop can be. I’ve helped a lot of different leaders, all at various stages of their journey. 

Twice every month, I’m available for an hour to jump on a live workshop with business owners and change agents to innovate together. On September 1, at 5:00 PM AEST, we are holding our next live solutions workshop where we open the floor to the challenges our attendees have in their organisation and collaborate in finding practical solutions. Here are some examples of topics discussed in the previous workshop sessions:

  • How to establish true trust in your teams enabling them to take ownership of their decisions and actions
  • How to create extreme alignment with your executive team that connects the whole organisation to a shared sense of purpose
  • Where and how you can start structuring your team and organisation in this new work environment 
  • What psychological safety is and how you can use it to effectively lead your remote teams

Who will you be talking to?




Domenico Pinto
Semco Style Institute Australia Country Partner

Domenico has been helping individuals and organisations improve their leadership skills, company culture and adopt innovative strategies since 2015.

Well over 200 companies have also attended his coaching or consulting sessions, from industries like banking and financial services, government, telecommunication, various start-ups in law, fintech, travel as well as utilities, higher education and health disability services.

As a team performance and engagement expert, he will help you achieve organisational transformation with more impact and better outcomes.