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The Dates are Locked!

The Expert Certificate Program will run only one more time this year. With a limited seat of 12 participants, be sure to take your spot as early as possible!

The program kicks off on September 13, 2021. The registration for the program closes when the seats are filled.

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After 4 years of successfully expanding Semco Style Institute on a global scale, it’s now time for boots on the ground within the Asia-Pacific region. With the establishment of SSI Australia, we have developed a unique online program that offers you the opportunity to become one of the certified Semco Style Experts in APAC.

Program Overview

In this program, you will:

  • Be equipped with clear Semco Style frameworks, principles, roadmap, and practices.
  • Have access to SSI interactive learning platform and toolkit.
  • Learn about different companies’ journeys toward self-management from case studies all over the SSI network and beyond.
  • Work on Semco Style-related assignments.
  • Be immersed into the Semco Style philosophy.
  • Learn how to successfully tilt organisations towards self-organisation in their larger and smaller units.
  • Get 3 individual 1-hr coaching sessions.
  • Meet and hear from inspiring guest speakers who will share their knowledge and experiences.
  • Become a lifetime member of the international network of Semco Style consultants, partners, and clients.

Meet Some of the Faculty

Domenico A. Pinto
Partner SSI Australia, Main Coach & Facilitator

Domenico is passionate about growing businesses sustainably through employee engagement. With work experience on a global scale Domenico has made transformations happen within both large corporations and small start-ups. Today, most of his time is spent coaching and consulting companies and individuals to get to high performance, helping them on their journey to become better leaders, improve company culture, adopting innovative strategies and ultimately shape customer-centric organizations. Domenico’s purpose is to create a better tomorrow, for our customers and for everyone around us.

Luuk Willems
Co-founder SSI & Guest Facilitator

Luuk is the co-founder of the Semco Style Institute and responsible for methodology and training program design. He started his career as a consultant for Deloitte, worked as a trainer on personal entrepreneurship for the Dutch renowed training institute de Baak, and still works as a trainer and consultant working with Semco Style partner teams all over the world. He has delivered large-scale implementations in world-class corporate organizations but also has a passion for working with small and medium sized enterprises.

Koen de Boer
SSI International, Guest Facilitator

Koen helps transform small and big organizations into implementing the Semco Style philosophy. He is an all-round professional who guides organizations to set a fertile ground for self management and also coaches and train management and teams in order to adopt the Semco Style philosophy. Koen has experience as manager of a self-managed team of professionals at training Institute de Baak. He joined Semco Style Institute shortly after it came to existence, so has a track record on entrepreneurial experience too. In sum, a strong professional apt to deal with all sorts of facilitation, training and coaching.

Kath Milne
Affiliate Partner, Guest Facilitator

Kath is a Management Consultant, Facilitator and Executive /Leadership Coach with extensive experience in leading major business operations as an Executive in the financial services industry, information technology industry and in the not- for-profit sector, both internationally and in Australia. Kath demonstrates passion for making a difference, with a purpose to help “people and organisations fulfill their potential.

Yumi Stamet
Semco Style Certified Expert, Guest Facilitator

Yumi has extensive experience in workforce development in Australia and abroad. Since coming to Australia her work has focused on supporting not-for-profit organisations to adopt a purpose-driven approach to organisational development and management including self-organising teams. Her drive is to help create person-centred workplaces where employees can flourish and do their best work.

Harini Sreenivasan
Partner at SSI India & Guest Speaker

Harini is a behavioral science expert adept in unlocking human potential in organizations. Over 24 years she has carried out successful experiments in the areas of leveraging people potential for business excellence. She is a strong believer in driving one’s destiny and is an example of resilience as a life skill. With her positivity and ability to drive engagement with people, she is an influencer both to industry and academia.

Johan Ludik
Partner at SSI South Africa & Guest Speaker

Johan holds a Master of Commerce degree from the University of Pretoria and he is a registered industrial psychologist. Johan has been involved in organizational development for the past 34 years. During this time, he has gained vast experience in personal, leadership, team and culture change interventions. He has worked in various countries and industries ranging from the financial services, information and retail systems, to manufacturing, mining, construction, petrochemical and the public sector.

Christian Wandeler
SSI USA Founder, Guest Speaker

Christian is the founder of Semco Style Institute USA and an Associate Professor at California State University, Fresno. He earned a Ph.D. in personality and positive psychology at the University of Zurich, Switzerland and was a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University, USA. His research about the development of hope and self-determination in the workplace lead him to work with organisations to co-create the future of work. He is honored to work with Ricardo Semler and the Semco Style Institute to support US organisations to adopt the Semco model and make it their own.

Get to know more about the program by downloading the program brochure!

*Session dates and pricing details are also outlined in the brochure.

Some Practical Information

  • The program is an intensive 16-week course.
  • The live sessions run for 3 hours, once per week, every Tuesday from 2:00 to 5:00 PM AEDT.
  • The readings and other activities guided by the online platform and toolkit can be done anytime.
  • There is a maximum of 12 seats per program run.
  • Semco Style Expert Certificate Program is globally recognised.

Participant Profile

Is this you?

  • Passionate about transforming organisations.
  • Passionate about alternative leadership styles.
  • Able to work on all levels within organisations.
  • Prior knowledge about self-management.
  • Relevant working experience as a change agent.
  • Willingness to contribute to knowledge exchange.

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What are the Participants Saying?

Here are what some of the participants are saying:

“The great thing about the Semco Style Institute expert program is that you go deep into the key principles, practices and phases to becoming a democratic workplace with a group of like-minded changemakers. Going through the rich content offered on the SSI learning platform and the Semco Style toolkit and hearing from others how this could be applied in their organisations is a real joy. During the sessions we have also been joined by international Semco Style practitioners who have generously shared their fascinating case studies. An excellent way to bring the theory to life and hear how it has worked in practice. “

“A new fresh approach to managing a Business that turns old traditional ways on its head. I am surprised in how much I learned from Semco and how much I had to unlearn. Semco style just makes sense. I predict that Semco Style will be the new way to effectively run businesses in our Brave New World. “

Here is a photo of Cohort 1 giving each other a virtual hug!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the value of being certified with Semco?
Aside from having a globally recognised certification, you will also be a subject matter expert into transforming organisations to agile companies. Being a part of the SSI network of experts would mean having access to invaluable shared knowledge and experiences, and international events. Being certified would also allow you, should you choose to, to work with SSI initiatives, programs, and services.
Do I have to be a consultant to qualify for the program?
No. In every cohort, we try to get a balance of consultants practicing in this space and participants who are working internally in businesses.
Can I pay in multiple installments?
Yes. Reach out to us via email for a customised payment plan.
Where are the participants usually from?

We usually have participants from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and other Southeast Asian countries.


Do I have to have a case study to join the program?
No, you may join the program without a case study. You will, however, need a case study in order to get certified. Having said that, we do help our participants in finding and developing case studies. Reach out to us if you need any help with it. Should you decide to not have a case study, a certificate of training participation will be provided in place of the Semco Expert Certificate.
What’s the weekly workload?
The Expert Certification Program is our most comprehensive program. With the 3-hr live session per week, plus the weekly readings and activities, which you do on your own time, you could easily spend somewhere between 6-8 hours per week, on average.
What if I can’t join one of the sessions?
At the onset of each program run, all participants decide on whether or not sessions should be recorded. Provided that all the participants agree, password-protected recordings of the sessions will be shared with all participants.