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Contemporary Leadership Program

A Human-Centered Approach to Leadership

Step up your leadership game to an entire new level. Become the best leader you can be.

Semco Style Institute brings a new way of working to numerous organisations around the world! With any management style changes, implementation does not happen overnight and agile teams alone are not enough. The Semco Style Contemporary Leadership Program does not take you as a starting point, but the teams you work with. What do they need to take the next step towards self-management? And what can you do about it?

In a nutshell

This 6-week program gives you access to over a hundred proven and tested practices that can be implemented individually or as a whole.  It starts as a plug-and-play playlist of the best leadership practices but always ends up conforming to the very need of your organisation.

With a limited seat of 12 participants, be sure to take your spot as early as possible!

Who is it for?

This program is designed for hungry leaders, individuals, and professionals who:

  • Are curious about alternative paths and agile methods
  • Are eager to learn practical practices that they can apply in their own workplaces
  • Want to be a better leader tomorrow than they are today
  • Love to challenge the status quo everyday and possess a continuous improvement mindset

Does this sound like you? If yes, then continue reading. 

Why Semco Style?

Semco is a pioneer in the space of contemporary leadership. Many practices being discussed in board rooms today were already successfully implemented decades ago at companies in the Semco Group Universe. With Semco Style, you will build your enterprise with the proven practices that have consistently led Semco companies to success.



Intake 2: With live sessions every Monday from

November 08 – December 13, 2021 at
10.00 – 13.00 AEDT | 7:00 – 10:00 SGT

Status: Open for signups

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More about the Practices…

Many of our clients successfully utilize well-known and sensible practices that have failed in other workplace settings. Some of their practices, on the other hand, are new and innovative, which only a few companies use worldwide.  It begs the question, why does it work at Semco?

Do you know when you are following a recipe and you can’t shake off the feeling that something is missing or something just isn’t quite right?

When you work with Semco, our strategies will ensure that you will be equipped with everything you need to succeed. Every single one of the Semco Style Practices comes with a guide on difficulty level, pros/cons list, and do’s & don’ts. It also comes with videos and case studies, and links to recommended additional resources from internal and external renowned sources, such as HBR articles and Ted Talks.

Semco provides you with a tangible framework that is cultivated just for you. Because you can adjust it to your taste, you will have a variety of strategies and practices from which to choose from. Semco Style allows you to create a plan that is uniquely yours.

Program Overview

In this program, you will:

  • Fully embark on the principles, pillars, and more than 100 practices of the Semco Style Institute 
  • Learn to influence the context and conditions in which your team operates
  • Get access to the Semco Style ecosystem with access to curated content like webinars, videos, interviews, articles, case studies, and much more
  • Understand the relationship between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction
  • Learn how to increase and drive autonomy and trust within or with your team (members)
  • Shift your leadership style to one that encourages inclusion and engagement at all levels 
  • Learn how to adapt to change and innovate faster
  • Learn how to influence an increase in ownership and effectiveness in your teams
  • Listen to case studies and take part in role plays and reflection sessions with the participants

Practical Information

  • The delivery type would be Hybrid Online, comprising a combination of self-paced learning and weekly live sessions. 
  • The live sessions run for 3 hours every week within a span of six weeks. 
  • With the readily available learning materials online, you will have full control over the self-paced learning.
  • You will also have access to up to 2 hours of individual coaching sessions.
  • There is a maximum of 12 seats per program run.

Download the brochure for further details or contact us for inquiries.

Participant Profile

Is this you?

  • People-oriented and goal-oriented leaders (e.g., entrepreneurs, directors, leaders, team leaders or acting managers).
  • Engaged and committed in creating organisations that continuously develop themselves.
  • Ideally you have already started your leadership journey or you intend to start the journey. 
  • The program is also suitable for consultants and advisors who help organisations move forward.


Regular Price: AU$6,500.00 +GST
Launch Special*: AU$4,900.00 + GST

Meet the Faculty

Domenico A. Pinto
Partner SSI Australia, Main Coach & Facilitator

Domenico is passionate about growing businesses sustainably through employee engagement. With work experience on a global scale Domenico has made transformations happen within both large corporations and small start-ups. Today, most of his time is spent coaching and consulting companies and individuals to get to high performance, helping them on their journey to become better leaders, improve company culture, adopting innovative strategies and ultimately shape customer-centric organizations. Domenico’s purpose is to create a better tomorrow, for our customers and for everyone around us.

Kath Milne
Affiliate Partner, Guest Facilitator

Kath is a Management Consultant, Facilitator and Executive /Leadership Coach with extensive experience in leading major business operations as an Executive in the financial services industry, information technology industry and in the not- for-profit sector, both internationally and in Australia. Kath demonstrates passion for making a difference, with a purpose to help “people and organisations fulfill their potential.

Luuk Willems
Co-founder SSI & Guest Facilitator

Luuk is the co-founder of the Semco Style Institute and responsible for methodology and training program design. He started his career as a consultant for Deloitte, worked as a trainer on personal entrepreneurship for the Dutch renowed training institute de Baak, and still works as a trainer and consultant working with Semco Style partner teams all over the world. He has delivered large-scale implementations in world-class corporate organizations but also has a passion for working with small and medium sized enterprises.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the weekly workload?

The Contemporary Leadership Program consists of six 3-hour live sessions across six weeks, plus the weekly readings and activities, which you do on your own time. You could easily spend somewhere between 5-7 hours per week, on average to maximize the learning experience.

What if I can’t join one of the sessions?

At the onset of each program run, all participants decide on whether or not sessions should be recorded. Provided that all the participants agree, password-protected recordings of the sessions will be shared with all participants.

Where are the participants usually from?

We usually have participants from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and other Southeast Asian countries. Occasionally, we also have participants from Europe and North America.

Can I pay in multiple installments?

Yes. Reach out to us via email for a customised payment plan.