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Case Study: Mobile Telecommunication Company


A project on Dedicated Customer Unit. The unit provides all software and physical hosting for the telecom of a dutch ministry. The client has been growing unhappy over the last years as requests for adaptations to the system are being handled slowly and unpredictable.

The following goals were agreed with the mobile telecommunication company:

  1. Customer satisfaction. Within a half year, the client will invite KPN to celebrate successful cooperation.
  2. Processes will be more supportive and straightforward across all relevant KPN ZM OPS units and connected areas such as products and sales.
  3. A lower workload and pressure will be reported by the Dedicated Customer Unit employees in the MO2016.
  4. X-boundary collaboration and alignment is noticeable for all internal and external stakeholders



Based on interviews with its Stakeholders, we scoped and specified the desired outcomes of the Semco Style project:

  1. Increase Customer satisfaction.
  2. Implement Impactful improvements
  3. Dedicated Customer Unit reports higher satisfaction in the yearly questionnaire.
  4. Lower work pressure reported on mijn werkomgeving’
  5. A better understanding of and collaboration with other stakeholders 
  6. Increased X-boundary collaboration and alignment



Common Ground

  • Chain exploration
  • Voice of customer
  • Extreme Stakeholder Alignment exercise
  • Identify opportunities
  • Volunteer



  1. Higher Customer satisfaction

    Contact and collaboration have improved significantly over the last half-year. There are more joint meetings, Personal and written feedback on all client levels indicates that client satisfaction has improved.

  2. Impactful Improvements

    Seventeen initiatives emerged, resulting in shorter chains and improved operational collaboration with the clients: better hand-overs and close contacts on-premises. higher predictability of connectivity changes (from 45 to 90% realised on planned end date)

  3. Higher Employee Satisfaction

    People reported improved satisfaction across the chain in the feedback session on October 26th.

  4. Increased x-boundary collaboration and alignment:

    People reported improved collaboration across the chain in the feedback session on October 26th. A commonly heard quote was: “I feel more space for entrepreneurship.”

    By connecting people across the chain, we allowed them to connect as persons that seek to improve collaboration before adopting the professional view on roles and procedures.

    The team set up a biweekly client-newsletter.

  5. Better understanding and personal connection result in a personal communication: meetings and calls to discuss issues rather than pushing back and forward tickets in advanced digital systems.

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